Saturday, 13 February 2016

How to pass your Botswana drivers theory test, PART 2 studying to pass

How to pass your Botswana drivers theory test, PART 2 studying to pass

Is the theory test difficult?
Well it depends yes it is difficult, if you have not studied.........yet on the other hand no, its very very easy if you have spent quality time studying before taking the test.

So here is my guide to studying to pass,

1. Set a deadline
What do i mean set a deadline? Well what i mean is go and book your test, once you have booked you will have a week to study for your test, you only have one week so focus, this is the time to really study hard.

2. Be systematic
Don't just open the book at any random page and start reading, start at the beginning and move from section to section.

3. Seek to Understand the reason why
Don't just try memorize the book, thats not going to help you. Rather try to understand why a certain answer is correct or incorrect. Seek to understand the principles behind the answers.

4. Review each section
When ever you finish a section and you are confident that you understand it go take a break have a walk and a glass of water (important to keep hydrated as it helps with your memory) then get a friend to test you on the section that you have just completed, he should ask you about two questions per page.

5. Review the hard parts
Once you have finished the book, you will know what sections are more difficult for you to understand, so go back to these sections and focus some more time on these areas.

6 Final test
Once you done studying get your friend to ask you 10 random questions from the book, repeat five times, if you get around 9 or 8 out of 10 correct you can be confident that you can succeed and pass the test.

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