Sunday, 3 April 2016

Free to Listen and travel

Hello everyone

Today's post is a blatant advertisement, after all we have to pay the bills some how.
The other day amazon was kind enough to send us an email, encouraging us to spread the word about there new free 30 day audible book trial and so i looked into it, and decided that you guys would probably enjoy it. So please check it out, it is free and you get a cool free book just for signing up.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

How to pass your Botswana drivers theory test, PART 3 the night before the test

How to pass your Botswana drivers theory test, PART 3 the night before the test

Alright you have studied,and now its the night before the test, so here are a few do's and don'ts to keep in mind.

1. Drink plenty of water, don't eat or drink junk food

2. Get plenty of sleep, rember you have studied the best you could, if you don't rest properly you will never rember all the things that you have learned, so go to bed early get some sleep in.

3. Stop studying, rember you know the answers you are well studied. Focus your efforts now on convincing yourself that you can pass, this will help calm you down and relax, if you panicking it will cause you to forget what you have learned, so relax

4. Make sure that you have all your things ready for the morning before going to bed, this will prevent you from panicking in the morning.

How to pass your Botswana drivers theory test, PART 2 studying to pass

How to pass your Botswana drivers theory test, PART 2 studying to pass

Is the theory test difficult?
Well it depends yes it is difficult, if you have not studied.........yet on the other hand no, its very very easy if you have spent quality time studying before taking the test.

So here is my guide to studying to pass,

1. Set a deadline
What do i mean set a deadline? Well what i mean is go and book your test, once you have booked you will have a week to study for your test, you only have one week so focus, this is the time to really study hard.

2. Be systematic
Don't just open the book at any random page and start reading, start at the beginning and move from section to section.

3. Seek to Understand the reason why
Don't just try memorize the book, thats not going to help you. Rather try to understand why a certain answer is correct or incorrect. Seek to understand the principles behind the answers.

4. Review each section
When ever you finish a section and you are confident that you understand it go take a break have a walk and a glass of water (important to keep hydrated as it helps with your memory) then get a friend to test you on the section that you have just completed, he should ask you about two questions per page.

5. Review the hard parts
Once you have finished the book, you will know what sections are more difficult for you to understand, so go back to these sections and focus some more time on these areas.

6 Final test
Once you done studying get your friend to ask you 10 random questions from the book, repeat five times, if you get around 9 or 8 out of 10 correct you can be confident that you can succeed and pass the test.

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How to pass your Botswana drivers theory test, PART 1 an introduction

How to pass your Botswana drivers theory test, PART 1 an introduction

First of all let me tell you why i am writing this help guide, ok so lets go back a few years, and i have stood in the lines outside maun transport office at four in the morning, not that i was alone, i was hoping i would be alone but alas even at four in the morning i am number 50 something in the unofficial official que.
Any how finely at around two o clock in the afternoon i pay my 40 pula and i am booked to write my theory test on Wednesday,

Fast forward to Wednesday afternoon i am with a group of nervous youths waiting to write our test, 40 of us, some of us still paging through our text books to trying to cram something anything, just hoping and praying to pass. Some here have fail this test over 15 times and us newbies stand in awe as these old timers relate there woes and experiences of test writing, we get even more nervous!

Finally we enter the class room, find some chairs, and the test begins.

We go the next day to get our result, only two of us and one other newbie, it was sad almost unfair it felt.
And so i decided there and then that i would write a help blog, so that hopefully more people would pass
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Friday, 5 February 2016

African safari wear and gear, (part one, hats)

African safari wear and gear, (part one, hats)

Early explorers to africa wore hats just about every second, of every day as long as they walked upon the dusty continent of Africa, they even believed that the rays of the African sun could scorch them through the roof's of there houses, so felt hats were worn even indoors!

Of course we know now, that there is no real need to wear a hat indoors today, however if you are planning or packing for an African safari, a hat is a necessity!

What to look for in a safari hat?

1. Choose a hat that you are comfortable with yet provides good coverage of your ears and neck!

2. Look for a hat that will travel well, unfortunately we don't still live in the age of hat boxs! Yeah try take a hat box on a plane!! So look for a soft hat,

3. Blend in, try choose a neutral, natural colour, Africa is not the ski slope's of Switzerland,

So there you have it all you need to know on choosing your safari hat, i also did have a snoop about on amazon and here are the top three i found,

Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Okavango delta Chiefs island

The Okavango delta Chiefs island

Chief’s Island 19°25'24.9"S 23°08'20.0"E

Chief’s Island, is the largest island in the okavango delta, it is formed by a fault line which has raised up an area of about 70 km by 15 km wide in the south western area of the okavango flood plains.

Way back when, in times long past it was reserved as an exclusive hunting area for the chiefs, hence its name "Chief’s island" today it ironically now provides the core area for much of the resident wildlife when the flood waters rise up. Chief’s island is part of the moremi game reserve, and is also home to a few of the over 30 luxury lodges and camps that are spread across the okavango delta

Chief’s island 

The only way that one can officially get to stay on Chief’s island is by booking a stay at one of the few luxury camps that are situated on the island, although this is not budget travel it is worth every penny spent,there are not many places left that are still as wild as they were two hundred years ago, you will have the opportunity to see all the big five as well as tons of truly amazing wildlife in there natural habitat, you will not see fences! 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How to track a Lion

How to track a lion
First of all before we get to excited unless you track lions for a living DON'T EVER TRACK LIONS ON FOOT 
Ok now we have that out the way,
Is size apart from a large male leopard there are not many other cats in Africa that in size come even close to that of a lion,
Dogs and I think bears not sure about bears but dogs for sure only have two lobes on the heel, however lions and cats have three as the picture below shows.
Lions and cats dont have claw marks showing in there prints ,this is because unlike dogs cats have retractable claws, that only come out for hunting.

And this is what a lion looks like before he charges.

Treat wild animals with respect, infact treat all animals with respect. Don't pull legs of grasshoppers