Saturday, 13 February 2016

Botswana drivers theory test, PART 3 the night before the test

How to pass your Botswana drivers theory test, PART 3 the night before the test

Alright you have studied,and now its the night before the test, so here are a few do's and don'ts to keep in mind.

1. Drink plenty of water, don't eat or drink junk food

2. Get plenty of sleep, rember you have studied the best you could, if you don't rest properly you will never rember all the things that you have learned, so go to bed early get some sleep in.

3. Stop studying, rember you know the answers you are well studied. Focus your efforts now on convincing yourself that you can pass, this will help calm you down and relax, if you panicking it will cause you to forget what you have learned, so relax

4. Make sure that you have all your things ready for the morning before going to bed, this will prevent you from panicking in the morning.

How to pass your Botswana drivers theory test, PART 2 studying to pass

How to pass your Botswana drivers theory test, PART 2 studying to pass

Is the theory test difficult?
Well it depends yes it is difficult, if you have not studied.........yet on the other hand no, its very very easy if you have spent quality time studying before taking the test.

So here is my guide to studying to pass,

1. Set a deadline
What do i mean set a deadline? Well what i mean is go and book your test, once you have booked you will have a week to study for your test, you only have one week so focus, this is the time to really study hard.

2. Be systematic
Don't just open the book at any random page and start reading, start at the beginning and move from section to section.

3. Seek to Understand the reason why
Don't just try memorize the book, thats not going to help you. Rather try to understand why a certain answer is correct or incorrect. Seek to understand the principles behind the answers.

4. Review each section
When ever you finish a section and you are confident that you understand it go take a break have a walk and a glass of water (important to keep hydrated as it helps with your memory) then get a friend to test you on the section that you have just completed, he should ask you about two questions per page.

5. Review the hard parts
Once you have finished the book, you will know what sections are more difficult for you to understand, so go back to these sections and focus some more time on these areas.

6 Final test
Once you done studying get your friend to ask you 10 random questions from the book, repeat five times, if you get around 9 or 8 out of 10 correct you can be confident that you can succeed and pass the test.

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How to pass your Botswana drivers theory test, PART 1 an introduction

How to pass your Botswana drivers theory test, PART 1 an introduction

First of all let me tell you why i am writing this help guide, ok so lets go back a few years, and i have stood in the lines outside maun transport office at four in the morning, not that i was alone, i was hoping i would be alone but alas even at four in the morning i am number 50 something in the unofficial official que.
Any how finely at around two o clock in the afternoon i pay my 40 pula and i am booked to write my theory test on Wednesday,

Fast forward to Wednesday afternoon i am with a group of nervous youths waiting to write our test, 40 of us, some of us still paging through our text books to trying to cram something anything, just hoping and praying to pass. Some here have fail this test over 15 times and us newbies stand in awe as these old timers relate there woes and experiences of test writing, we get even more nervous!

Finally we enter the class room, find some chairs, and the test begins.

We go the next day to get our result, only two of us and one other newbie, it was sad almost unfair it felt.
And so i decided there and then that i would write a help blog, so that hopefully more people would pass
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Monday, 3 June 2013

The Best fresh meat in Maun

Botswana Beef is some of the most delicious on this continent if not the best.
And so when you drive into maun make sure you don't leave with tasting it.
so here is a brief rundown on where you can buy a good steak in maun.

On top of the list:

as their name suggests this is deli that knows what they doing and you can get any cut of beef here and if they don't have it they can get it.
Price wise: expect to pay a bit more per kg however there quality makes it worth it!
You can find their shop just past markas fuel station on the opposite side of the road.

The best biltong you will find in maun and the most beautiful chicken kebabs wrapped in bacon, a nice friendly shop.
Price wise: fair
You can find their shop at the Rileys Garage complex.

both the spars and shoprite have good beef.
spar has a really good block man and so you can get some great cuts.
shoprite has good clean meat but sadly they are not consistent some days you will find some nice cuts other days you will just find packs of mince meat.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Kubu Island Botswana

There are few destinations that are as way off the beating track as Kubu Island. Way out on the brink of the vast Makgadadikgadi salt Pans there lies this mysterious granite Island full of giant boulders and ancient weirdly twisted gnarled Baobab trees and the traces of a civilization of people that have long since vanished. Kubu Island is truly an island in the middle of nowhere. As the vast pans that surround it on just about all points of the compass stretch way out, as far as the eye can see and way beyond the limits of the horizons. If you love photography this is of course a must visit place. And then because the pans are so flat the sunsets and sunrises are absolutely out of this world.
However here are just a few points to remember when traveling out to Kubu Island
1 There is nothing out there which means you will need water, food, petrol, and any thing else you may need.
2 Kubu island is a community trust so you will have to book if you are going to camp.
3 The toilets, Rest rooms or whatever you call them are not great at Kubu in fact there is just one smelly hot orange porterloo per camp site.  There are no showers as there is no water. So you will need more water for that.  
4 Although Kubu Island is an amazing place photographically and you can even find bits of broken earth pots and little beads that were left there by the lost civilizations of who knows who. It’s also not very big and there is lots of nothingness out there. So don’t plan on staying there for more then three days unless you like nothingness.

Monday, 31 December 2012

Where is Mozambique?

Q- Where Is Mozambique?

A- Mozambique is a country on the east coast of Africa (That is The indian Ocean) with South Africa and Swaziland on it southern side and Malawi up on is northern side. and as you can see on the Map below Madagascar is just across the Mozambique Channel. 

The people 

The people of Mozambique are very hard working and industrious yet sadly very poor as there country went through a terrible civil war however the country is recovering.

The Food

 The food like the language is portuguese. With a lot of sea food  cashew nuts and coconuts and plenty of tropical fruits. 

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The rains come down Maun Botswana

The rainy season is all way a time of great activity people are plowing planting and  fixing leaky hut roofs
but this year the rains here in  maun have not been the best. The rains should start in December and end in march
yet we are now nearing the end of January and we have only had a few thunder storms since December. but at least maun is looking green and the maize in most of the fields are knee high ( although sadly some people are only starting to plow there fields now!) some of the bush roads have also turned into small dams or lakes.
the maun river on the other hand is not really affected by the local rains and is still dropping yet news has been coming from the depth of the delta that the flood waters are already on there way. well all for now TMFM