Maun Restaurant Reviews

Okavango River Lodge *** rated 3

Food Very good Decor Poor to fair  Service Poor to fair

Okavango River Lodge is Right on the Banks of the Boro River and with all the reeds and speed Boats you really get to feel that you are in the delta and there lights around the place at night give the place a nice feel. But i don't like all the dogs digging holes under the tables and begging for food when i am trying to eat! also the service is a bit weak it took years for my friends fish&chips to come. (maybe they were still trying to catch it?) however on the bright side i had there matured rump steak and it was really very nice with mushroom sauce. All said i would go back for the food and the river is beautiful

Hillary s coffee shop ***** rated 5

Quality Excellent

This is one of those Great laid back places were time seems to slow down to stop and you can almost forget that you right in the center of a roaring town. The food well, its just Delicious, fresh and wholesome. love there lemonade. This is a really Great place.

Kalahari Kofi***rated 3

Quality fair to Good

A rather new coffee shop in Maun and it being more famous for there pan cakes then for there coffee despite what the name may suggest. In fact sadly I must say that I found there coffee to fall rather short of the mark. However since they do have internet this is a nice place to park off and catch up on all online work. 
Pan cakes good-coffee not so good (however perhaps it was just a bad day for the coffee maker? So will have to give it another try and give this review an update sometime in the days to come)

Thamalakane River Lodge *****rated 5

Quality Excellent

I have visited here a few times and both time i have really enjoyed. The atmosphere is great its also a great place to bring a large group of people as there is plenty of space and decking. the staff are very helpful which is a big plus for them. The food is good love there pizzas  and there Malawi shandy is extremely refreshing.  

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