Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Kubu Island Botswana


There are few destinations that are as way off the beating track as Kubu Island. Way out on the brink of the vast Makgadadikgadi salt Pans there lies this mysterious granite Island full of giant boulders and ancient weirdly twisted gnarled Baobab trees and the traces of a civilization of people that have long since vanished. Kubu Island is truly an island in the middle of nowhere. As the vast pans that surround it on just about all points of the compass stretch way out, as far as the eye can see and way beyond the limits of the horizons. If you love photography this is of course a must visit place. And then because the pans are so flat the sunsets and sunrises are absolutely out of this world.
However here are just a few points to remember when traveling out to Kubu Island
1 There is nothing out there which means you will need water, food, petrol, and any thing else you may need.
2 Kubu island is a community trust so you will have to book if you are going to camp.
3 The toilets, Rest rooms or whatever you call them are not great at Kubu in fact there is just one smelly hot orange porterloo per camp site.  There are no showers as there is no water. So you will need more water for that.  
4 Although Kubu Island is an amazing place photographically and you can even find bits of broken earth pots and little beads that were left there by the lost civilizations of who knows who. It’s also not very big and there is lots of nothingness out there. So don’t plan on staying there for more then three days unless you like nothingness.

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