Thursday, 26 January 2012

The rains come down Maun Botswana

The rainy season is all way a time of great activity people are plowing planting and  fixing leaky hut roofs
but this year the rains here in  maun have not been the best. The rains should start in December and end in march
yet we are now nearing the end of January and we have only had a few thunder storms since December. but at least maun is looking green and the maize in most of the fields are knee high ( although sadly some people are only starting to plow there fields now!) some of the bush roads have also turned into small dams or lakes.
the maun river on the other hand is not really affected by the local rains and is still dropping yet news has been coming from the depth of the delta that the flood waters are already on there way. well all for now TMFM 

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