Friday, 13 January 2012

crocodiles in maun

What with the rivers becoming full and the recent floods that washed away some of the maun  crocodile farm into the river there are now quite a lot of crocodiles floating around. so please don,t go swimming! as there have already been a few  crocodile attacks of may wonder why they don,t  just shoot all the crocodiles in the rivers of maun and thus make it safer for the general public.(although a lot of crocodiles in maun have been shot of late for different crimes 1 Getting in the way of a body retrieval (the man had drowned) 2 getting washed out of there farm by the floods and then feeding on peoples goats and 3 for attacking people)    well here may lay a reason.  crocodiles were protected under the  Fauna Conservation Act of 1961 (Act 21 of 1961) in Botswana. and only allowing 50 crocodiles to be shot by non residents for hunting proposes per year. Is Botswana still using the Act of 1961 i don,t Know as i could find no updated information well that all on the crocodiles in maun. by The Man From Maun Today's Gadget

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