Friday, 5 February 2016

African safari wear and gear, (part one, hats)

African safari wear and gear, (part one, hats)

Early explorers to africa wore hats just about every second, of every day as long as they walked upon the dusty continent of Africa, they even believed that the rays of the African sun could scorch them through the roof's of there houses, so felt hats were worn even indoors!

Of course we know now, that there is no real need to wear a hat indoors today, however if you are planning or packing for an African safari, a hat is a necessity!

What to look for in a safari hat?

1. Choose a hat that you are comfortable with yet provides good coverage of your ears and neck!

2. Look for a hat that will travel well, unfortunately we don't still live in the age of hat boxs! Yeah try take a hat box on a plane!! So look for a soft hat,

3. Blend in, try choose a neutral, natural colour, Africa is not the ski slope's of Switzerland,

So there you have it all you need to know on choosing your safari hat, i also did have a snoop about on amazon and here are the top three i found,

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