Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Okavango delta Chiefs island

The Okavango delta Chiefs island

Chief’s Island 19°25'24.9"S 23°08'20.0"E

Chief’s Island, is the largest island in the okavango delta, it is formed by a fault line which has raised up an area of about 70 km by 15 km wide in the south western area of the okavango flood plains.

Way back when, in times long past it was reserved as an exclusive hunting area for the chiefs, hence its name "Chief’s island" today it ironically now provides the core area for much of the resident wildlife when the flood waters rise up. Chief’s island is part of the moremi game reserve, and is also home to a few of the over 30 luxury lodges and camps that are spread across the okavango delta

Chief’s island 

The only way that one can officially get to stay on Chief’s island is by booking a stay at one of the few luxury camps that are situated on the island, although this is not budget travel it is worth every penny spent,there are not many places left that are still as wild as they were two hundred years ago, you will have the opportunity to see all the big five as well as tons of truly amazing wildlife in there natural habitat, you will not see fences! 

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