Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How to track a Lion

How to track a lion
First of all before we get to excited unless you track lions for a living DON'T EVER TRACK LIONS ON FOOT 
Ok now we have that out the way,
Is size apart from a large male leopard there are not many other cats in Africa that in size come even close to that of a lion,
Dogs and I think bears not sure about bears but dogs for sure only have two lobes on the heel, however lions and cats have three as the picture below shows.
Lions and cats dont have claw marks showing in there prints ,this is because unlike dogs cats have retractable claws, that only come out for hunting.

And this is what a lion looks like before he charges.

Treat wild animals with respect, infact treat all animals with respect. Don't pull legs of grasshoppers 

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