Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wintering in Maun

June, the start of winter here in Maun Botswana and we dig out our winter clothes and drink endless cups of coffee:-) however altho winter is here the vast majority  of the trees still have green leaves however the grass is pretty much gone having died, been eaten by animals or just plain blown away. in August/September the trees will lose their leaves and it will get really windy and hazy and we can look forward to those hazy washed out sunsets.Another aspect of winter here in the delta are the bushfires, large fires are already burning their way through the beautiful swamp lands of the okavango leaving bare black scars across the landscape. Most of these fires are started by sustanices hunters, who hunt on the animals that return a few weeks after the fires have burnt out to graze on the fresh tender shoots that sprout as a result of the burning.
so if you visiting soon well enjoy your stay and dress warm!  

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  1. ah very interesting.except this winter in maun its quite warm.possibly a drought coming. ;)