Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Maun to do list

If you find your self stuck in Maun with time on your hands here are a few things to do
*      First up if you love photographing wild animals then the Maun game park is just the place for you. This small park is for walking parties only so be prepared to walk and take along lots of water. Unfortunately the park has been closed because of flooding but should be opening soon it also used to be free to enter but there is talk that when it reopens there will be a fee to be paid.( this blog will up date this as soon as possible and let you know when the park will open)
The park has the following animals
Zebra’s kudu impala Lechwe giraffe’s warthog’s wildebeests’

*      If you would rather go shopping and spend your little all. The entire airport center and the shops opposite are a great place to do just that! Here is one place were you can buy Botswana diamonds and other curios’  then when you are dead on your feet you can crash at Bon arrivee’s café or Hillary’s coffee shop down the road which serves some of the most wholesome food in Maun.

*      Yet another stop is the Maun museum and as one is never sure what one will find there I can not really say what you will find there it may be some stuffed animals’ or you could find some of the finest art work in Botswana on the other hand I have also at times found some of the worst! it all depends on the time of year but since it is free entry it is worth a quick visit.

Well there you have the top three things you can do if you get stuck in the center of Maun there are many other things to do around the rest of Maun but that is for another day. Enjoy 

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