Thursday, 27 December 2012

How to Survive a Lion Attack

Well i am sure, that most people will not be attacked, by lions or a lion.However if you are visiting Africa and are going to be out and about in the wilds you may as well have some idea of what to do in such a situation.
one thing we can be sure of is that if you are attacked it is very doubtful that you will have the calmness or the time to remember the seven or what ever it is steps to surviving a Lion Attack.
so for that reason alone we cut it down to three.

STEP 1      DO NOT RUN Lions like dogs and other predators chase things that run.


STEP 2      Retreat SLOWLY by walking backwards 

STEP 3     Maintain Eye Contact

STEP 4    only if Lion Follows You. Clap hands and shout make lots of noise while continuing to follow the above Steps.

Hope you never have to try the above and if you do Well i Do Hope that You Survive.

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