Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Five Tips For Fishing in the Okavango Delta

1 fish such as nice 2 kg Bream will not be found in the middle of the river so cast as close as possible to the edge of the reed beds as you can. of course if you are fishing for Tiger Fish you should try around sand banks and the entrances of small bays with a silver spoon #3 - #5 and bigger.

2 don't forget a landing net also you will want some top notch line Eg. Fire line as there are lots of mean snags. also don't forget the wire trace tiger fish will bite right through other wise.

3 no need to mess around with lots of other lures just get your self some #3 yellow spotted black fury Mepps

4 make sure you have your fishing permits

5 don't wast lots of time fishing in the midday sun (rather read a nice Book ) you get the idea????

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