Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Five Small Reasons Why To Travel Botswana

                Five Small Reasons To Travel Botswana

1 Unlike the vast majority of African countries, Botswana is a very safe place to travel, in fact it has been voted as the most peaceful country in Africa
2 Botswana is also one of the really last wild spots in southern Africa were you will be able to see all the big five in there own habitat.
3 On top of that the landscape is spectacular, with only two million people in a country the size of the state of Texas or France, you can go for miles without seeing a soul.
4th the people of Botswana are very peaceful and friendly
5th there are some beautiful five star camps to visit in the Wild Okavango Delta well on the other hand if you are on a budget it is still possible to travel rather cheaply to some amazing places  

                                                           JAO CAMP OKAVANGO

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