Saturday, 25 August 2012

Donkeys in Maun

well hello.
one thing you will notice when you come to Maun is that there are thousands of donkeys allover the place but mainly standing on the roads! so here is the big question where did they come from? since lets say about 200 years ago Maun was just bush wild trees and lots of big wild animals. so which charlie brought in the first donkey? and when?
however first we need to id. the Maun donkeys because can you believe? it the is more then one type of donkey!. well if you look at the donkeys in Maun you will notice that they have a kinda zebra stripes on the legs near there feet. so that means according to this link  donkey history The Somali donkey is
described as having zebra markings on the legs
(Mason and Maule, 1960)

so all the above is trying to say is that the Maun donkeys are some kind of mixed up  Somali donkey..
OK so were did they come from? well i am still working on that will let you know as soon as i do. however if you wish you may adopt a donkey here adopt a donkey well enjoy bye!

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